BIOTHANE by Higher Mark
BIOTHANE        by Higher Mark


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"Economy" Breastplate "Economy" Breastplate


"ECONOMY" Hunt Style Breastplate


Durable, Quick & Easy!


All Straps are Adjustable.

Snaps to Pommel Dee Rings, Girth or Cinch Dee.

Snap on Neck Strap allows quick removal without going over horse's head.

 Girth Straps are made so you can use it with or without a snap.


When ordered with

"Introductory Special" Halter Bridle

receive a 10% Discount!




  • WIDTH: 3/4", 1"
  • SIZE:  Custom
  • HARDWARE:  Solid Brass(SB) - Stainless Steel(SS) 
  • COLORS: Beta, or Gloss 101 Biothane (1"colors limited)

Solid Brass:

T-BPE-SB.........$90.00     3/4" Width

T-BPE1-SB........$95.00       1"   Width


Stainless Steel:

T-BPE-SS.........$95.00     3/4" Width

T-BPE1-SS........$100.00       1"   Width

T-BP/Pad ....$20.00

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