BIOTHANE by Higher Mark
BIOTHANE        by Higher Mark


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Dressage Bridle E-BD "VERADOR" Lusitano



"DELUXE" Dressage Bridle


 Shown in 3/4"  Black Beta® with 1" White Beta underlay on Browband & Noseband;

  Flash Attachment Loop.  


  • Your choice of traditional English Colors: Black, Chestnut Brown & Havanna.
  •  Contrasting underlay Colors available in Hunter Green, Royal Blue, White & Saddle Tan. ** See photo below
  • Stainless Steel or Solid Brass Hardware
  • Headstall:  3/4" or 5/8" Widths.
  • Caveson: Two layered Beta straps: noseband 1" with 3/4" overlay.

Padded Caveson: Two layered Beta straps withNeoprene lining.


  • Flash Attachment ordered separately
  • Sizes:  Custom


Headstall & Caveson...................$ 115.00

Headstall & Padded Caveson......$122.00




E-CP....$53.00....Neo Padded Caveson

E-FA....$23.00....Flash Attachment


Dressage Bridle E-BD "Deluxe" English Dressage Bridle






"DELUXE" Dressage Bridle



 Shown in 3/4"  Black Beta®

with 1" Saddle Tan Beta (BR 522) underlay on Noseband with

3/4" Browband.


 Features & Prices as above


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