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BIOTHANE        by Higher Mark


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Since 1977, Equestrians have turned to Biothane® products for providing 

lightweight, flexible,  abrasion-resistant tack for their horses comfort.


Beta/Biothane® is a syththetic polyester Webbing protected with a

Urethane or Vinyl Coating that makes it easy to maintain and clean,

making it more durable than nylon webbing or leather.


It is readily available in a wide range of Colors and Coatings.


Beta/Biothane has made life much easier for riders because of its easy maintenance & reliability; a proven product for Equestrian sports.


Simply rinse off after use; it's ready to hang up, throw in a tack box or use again! To remove dried on soil and oils, wash with a soft cloth, using a mild , non-abrasive detergent.  To renew shine and make adjustments easier, use a product similar to  Armor All Vinyl Cleaner.  Holes and edges should be sealed with a soldering iron to prevent separation of webbing if making adjustments.

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